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Tstt Collective Agreement

Tstt Collective Agreement

Elder said the CWU would question the process TSTT used to fire workers. He said the collective agreement states that cuts cannot be made if the union is not on board and said: “At no time did the union accept that cuts were justified. So we`re questioning this whole process. TATT went on to say that one of the other conditions of their approval is that “applicants must submit an agreement for the full sale of CWC`s 49% stake in TSTT, in agreement with the majority shareholder National Enterprise Ltd. (NEL), in accordance with the shareholders` agreement, and be approved in writing by the Authority. such authorisation may not be inappropriately refused. On March 13, 2015, the Secretary General of the Union of Communication Workers, Joseph Remy, made two public statements that we are resuming. Our national heritage must not be exhausted, even worse when it comes to the prices of pepper corn. We are ready to stand up and defend our interests to ensure that we leave some kind of legacy and legacy to the next generation. “Let`s dare to fight”! When asked what he thinks of last year, he laughed skeptically and said, “What a year it was.” The Communications Workers` Union (CWU) has taken note of the announcement by the Trinidad and Tobago Telecommunications Authority (TATT) of its decision to adopt Columbus Communications through Cable and Wireless Communications. Newsday asked if the workers had “advanced” psychologically to develop new plans for their lives.

Elder said, “People are always trying to catch up and deal with what happened. Given the economic situation, it is difficult for people to have projects. You can`t rely on the economy. Elder said the WASA government, TTEC and the Port Authority were in the crosshairs to shrink, while saying, “I hope the government will do things differently than it was in 2018. What is quite alarming is that TATT has not looked at the fact that cable and wireless communications have been operated at the TSTT board level since 1991. They had the right to appoint four (4) members to the Board of Directors and had an extensive veto over TSTT`s significant investments. The CWU reiterates its call on the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to take the lead in this situation and refuse any authorization to transfer control of the local operation of Columbus to cable and wireless communications. In this context, the Union of Communication Workers states that we consider the TATT position to be very weak. They dance to the music of Cable and Wireless Communications and have supported cable and wireless Communications` egregious corporate prostitution case. You have sanctioned the deliberate efforts of wireless communications over the years to prevent the progress and positive development of TSTT. The agreement was signed yesterday by Ronald Walcott, CEO of TSTT, and Joseph Remy, General Secretary of the Union of Communication Workers, in a conference room at the company`s headquarters in downtown Port-of-Spain.

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